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Our mission

Enhance your skills !


CV : attention aux mensonges
Faux diplômes, compétences inventées … Certains CV s’apparentent à de la fiction. Un phénomène qui inquiète les recruteurs.
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"EdTech" and HR Solutions Group, verifdiplomagroup puts high technology at the service of the world of education and the business world, to make candidates' career paths clearer in the eyes of recruiters. The mission of verifdiplomagroup is therefore to enhance the skills of candidates through the validation of their educational and professional career path, and thus to simplify, accelerate and enhance the work of our school and university partners as well as our corporate and recruiter clients.


Check diplomas and CVs in France and abroad.
Database of 18 million graduates.



Secure your diplomas
Dematerialization and blockchain
Verification of admissions and alumni.



Check diplomas in the context of homogenisation of qualifications, recruitment of civil servants and the issuing of visas.



Promote your academic and professional background and skills to recruiters.

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Verification of diplomas

The verifdiploma solution enables to manage in a secure way and in compliance with the CNIL and RGPD the whole process of verification of candidates' diplomas in France and abroad.

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A unique solution

verifdiplomagroup has been developing for 20 years its technology verif-IA, a global technology for the verification of diplomas and skills.


In all schools and universities

For 20 years we have been providing "EdTech" solutions to higher education institutions in the intermediation between recruiters, schools and universities and candidates, thus promoting the professional integration and international mobility of your graduate students.


Everywhere in the world

Verification of diplomas in France and internationally with a database of more than 18 million graduates in all types of institutions.


Our values

Creativity : : Dynamism, innovation, open-mindedness and imagination, creativity is at the very source of verifdiplomagroup which, since its creation, has been working every day to imagine tomorrow's EdTech solutions to help candidates, education and companies today.

Authenticity : This is our ethical vision of the very role of verifdiplomagroup whose mission is the valorisation and clarification of Education for a more authentic society. We therefore have at heart to make each day clearer and more legible the path of the candidates.

Trust : The aim of verifdiplomagroup is to establish a relationship of trust between candidates, schools and universities and companies and, more broadly, to be a major player in the development of trust between the worlds of education and recruitment.

Our Philosophy

Promote the human !

This is essential as the legibility of professional skills has become so volatile, plunging companies into a certain crisis of confidence. It is precisely the confidence that reinforces the value of every male and female candidate, and this value is born from the verified authenticity of their diplomas, their background and their personality.

As a committed partner of educational institutions and institutions, verifdiplomagroup serves candidates and companies all over the world. Digitising, analysing and gathering the key information of each candidate, and promoting the development and integration into the professional world of each one, are our daily struggle. 

Our other solutions

Check a CV

Check CVs and collect candidate documents in accordance with the CNIL and the RGPD.


Recruit a candidate

Disseminate internship, work-study (apprenticeship and pro. contract) and employment offers through the specific channels recommended by each school.