Administrations, Institutions and Embassies

Check all diplomas and accredit all courses !

We already provide support in France and abroad :

  • Ministries of Education, Higher Education, Foreign Affairs, Science and Technology (...)
  • The embassies of many countries for the issuance of visas
  • In France, China, Africa, Latin America(...)
  • France Education International (e.g. CIEP)
  • Campus France
  • France Alumni
  • Join A School In France
  • France Compétences (RNCP)
  • Higher Education Software Group (CNL)
  • Association VP Numérique Enseignement Supérieur (VPNUM)
  • Business France


Dedicated service for educational institutions

  • Check all diplomas in France and abroad
  • Recognition of levels of qualifications
  • Accreditation of institutions
  • Set up an interface
  • Train your teams


Provision of technology transfer

  • Install our interface in your institution
  • Take advantage of our exclusive proprietary technology
  • Benefit from our 19 years of experience in EdTech
  • Validate all diplomas and competences
  • Check with certified official sources.
  • Take advantage of an established and controlled methodology

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Our solutions


Check diplomas and
CVs in France have been abroad.
Database of 17 million graduates.

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Check diplomas in the framework of
the homogenisation of the qualifications for the
recruitment of civil servants and the issuing of visas.

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Make the most of your route and your
academic and professional skills
with recruiters.

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