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For 19 years we have been providing "Ed-Tech" solutions to higher education institutions in the intermediation between recruiters, schools and universities and candidates, thus promoting the professional integration and international mobility of your students.

We already have 26,000 privileged partners in universities and schools (corporate relations managers, internship/internship/alternity, employment, schooling, CIO, Chairman, Director...) and have signed 361 partnership agreements with universities and business and engineering schools.

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Verification of admissions

For the admissions services of schools and universities in France and abroad: verifdiploma, THE global solution for verifying French and international diplomas of candidates in the process of admission. Face the increase in the number of candidates as well as the internationalisation of their profiles! With verifdiploma, manage all the diploma checks for admission candidates in a secure manner and in compliance with the CNIL and RGPD.


  • Check the graduation of diplomas in France and abroad
  • Validate the recognition of institutions and training courses
  • Check if the training courses correspond to your prerequisites.
    (ECTS credits, degree level...)
  • Get an audit report to be integrated in your ERP system
  • Follow in real time the progress of the checks on your interface


Dematerialization and blockchain

For school and student services of schools and universities in France and abroad : doccenter, THE platform for dematerialisation and blockchain security of school documents. Take up the challenge of digital innovation in the face of student and graduate mobility ! With doccenter offer an innovative and secure service for the dematerialisation and sharing of all your tuition documents.


  • Dematerialise all your schooling documents
    (diplomas, certificates of achievement, transcripts...)
  • Secure all these documents thanks to the blockchain
  • Share them with all your students and graduates.
  • As well as on social networks (Linkedin, Twitter...)
  • Make it easy to check for all recruiters


Verification of alumnis

For school and graduate services of schools and universities in France and abroad: verifcenter, THE platform for managing requests for diploma verification from French and international recruiters in compliance with the CNIL and RGPD. Solve the explosion of requests for verification of diplomas from recruiters ! With verifcenter respond automatically and quickly to all these requests in full compliance with the legal and statutory framework.


  • Take advantage of this platform free of charge.
  • Centralise all verification requests
  • Ensure compliance with the legal and judicial framework
    (candidate authorisation and recruiters identified...)
  • Facilitate the processing of these verifications.
    (pre-recorded answers...)
  • Collect and analyse detailed statistics
  • Access the files of companies that are recruiting
  • Already used on a daily basis by 300 Establishments
  • Popular with the school and legal services.

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