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Valuing skills and candidates

Auditing of
diplomas in
France and abroad

Enhancing skills for the benefit of candidates, schools, companies and institutions :
At verifdiplomagroup this has been our passion, our commitment and our know-how for 20 years.



18 million graduates

verifdiploma has created a database of graduates in partnership with universities, business schools, engineering schools, IAE, IUT, BTS, BAC ...

100% response rate

verifdiploma is the trusted third party authorised to verify all diplomas with higher education institutions in France and abroad.

70 to 80% < 48H

verifdiploma has developed a know-how combining technology and people in order to provide 70% to 80% response within less than 48 hours.

France and international

verifdiploma verifies diplomas from France but also from all over the world in cooperation with its network of trusted third party partners.

30% of false diplomas

Companies, schools and institutions that systematise verification see an immediate drop in the rate of forgery of between 3 and 5%, whereas it usually oscillates between 25 and 30%.

CNIL and RGPD compliance

verifdiploma has CNIL approval n°767530 and RGPD compliance in order to guarantee its clients, candidates and partner schools a verification process that respects the legal framework.


20 years of experience

20 years of research and development in auditing combining technological but also human know-how: Multilingual interfaces, webapps and APIs for recruiters, candidates and schools

361 agreements

361 partner agreements signed with higher education institutions: universities, business schools, engineering schools, IAE, IUT, academies...

19 000 institutions

19 000 Établissements de l'enseignement supérieur en France et à l'international référencés dans la base de données verifdiploma

Expert and multilingual

The verifdiploma team, experts in relations with schools and multilingual, provides a quality service on a daily basis to give you precise and reliable answers in the shortest possible time.

Audit report

As an essential element of its quality assurance, verifdiploma delivers a secure, reliable, accurate and simple report after a diploma verification.

Network of partners

verifdiploma is developing a unique network of strategic partnerships in France and around the world: schools, institutions, trusted third parties in the field of education.

Results of verifdiploma

  • 92 000 checks - 12,000 international - 7% false
  • 1000 recruiting clients 80% France 20% International
  • Acceleration of the volume over the last three years
  • Trusted third parties of recruiters, schools and ministries

Our main partners verifdiplomagroup

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Check a diploma

Checking a diploma in France and abroad
Database of 18 million graduates
Verification report.


Check a CV

Check CVs and collect candidate documents in accordance with the CNIL and the RGPD.


Recruiting a candidate

Disseminate internship, work-study (apprenticeship and pro. contract) and employment offers through the specific channels recommended by each school.