Secure 100% of your recruitments in all simplicity, total legality and complete confidence !

Secure 100% of your recruitments in all simplicity

  • 100% successful checks
  • All diplomas, titles and certifications
  • In France and abroad
  • 80% in less than 48 hours chrono
  • Submit your application and that's it
  • Automated candidate authorization
  • BDD of 18 million diplomas
  • 15,000 training records
  • Official contacts institutions
  • Detailed and secure reporting
  • Complete recruiter interface

Secure 100% of your recruitments in total legality

  • Validated by the CNIL
  • Compliant with the RGPD
  • End-to-end cyber security
  • Automated candidate authorisations

Secure 100% of your recruitments with complete confidence

  • verifdiploma, the trusted third party of the main economic sectors
  • verifdiploma, the trusted third party of the main recruiting groups
  • verifdiploma, the trusted third party of the main educational institutions


"Every year, we integrate young graduates into our group on a contract or VIE basis... The "Get informed" function allows us to dig deeper into the content of the schools' curricula and thus to identify the training courses where the Group's future employees can be found !"


"Verification of the precise diploma and its year of graduation per candidate ... precision on the content of a training course ... practical information by school ... the proposal to carry out further research seems very useful to us."


"We use the diploma verification service for our recruitment... the tool is practical, fast and always gives the desired information. If the graduate is not in the database, the hotline allows a quick and precise response."


"Verifdiploma represents ... the guarantee of recruiting qualified profiles ... of having the necessary information to monitor the grandes écoles that we target. As partners for more than ten years, we appreciate the completeness of its graduate base ... the responsiveness of their teams for specific searches."

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Check diplomas and
CVs in France have been abroad.
Database of 18 million graduates.

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Check diplomas in the framework of
the homogenisation of the qualifications for the
recruitment of civil servants and the issuing of visas.

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Make the most of your route and your
academic and professional skills
with recruiters.

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