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Take advantage of our exclusive proprietary technology to enhance all candidates and their skills !

verifdiplomagroup has been developing its verif-IA technology for 20 years, comprehensive technology of diplomas and skills verification

Our exclusive proprietary verif-IA technology guarantees the reliability of our verification services, which are performed only with verified official sources and according to an established and controlled methodology: our global and proven know-how is your quality assurance !

Our exclusive databases

  • 17,000 establishments in France and abroad
  • Multiple repositories by institution and training
  • Higher education institutions full names, as well as short names and aliases
  • Management of Higher education institution name changes and mergers
  • Complex ID algorithm across repositories
  • Enabling intuitive search for users
  • And the availability of accurate homogeneous statistics
  • 26,000 official contacts in all institutions
  • 9 million companies and employers
  • Verification procedures using official sources
  • Standard messages and automatic reminders

Our experienced back-office service

  • Accurate, synthetic, clear audit reports
  • Timer per file with points and precise rules
  • Alerts and notifications for operators, clients, candidates
  • Traceability of all actions performed on each file
  • Encryption and protection (login and PWD) of personal data

Our targeted user interfaces

  • Customer interfaces
  • Employer interfaces
  • School interfaces
  • Candidate interfaces
  • E-commerce interfaces
  • Administrator interfaces
  • Multilingual interfaces: French, English (Spanish in progress)
  • Instant messaging with our team

Our web services, mobile apps and customised APIs

  • Web app and mobile application
  • Responsive and all devices
  • Electronic signature
  • E-commerce functions (secure payment, invoice history)
  • Integrated OCR optical reading (documents, text recognition, e.g., for ID verification)
  • Data exchange API (electronic signature, ID verification)
  • Detailed API documentation (French and English allowing integration with your HRIS / ATS / ERP)

Our technology


Our tailor-made web services



Guarantee the security, availability and integrity of your information and data systems


GDPR compliance

Protection of personal data